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The Benefits of Bamboo



Here are the reasons we love it so much and why we choose it for our products.



    1. Bamboo fabrics are now considered the most sustainable eco fabric on the market.
    2.  It has a smaller carbon footprint which is giving rise to its growing popularity.
    3.  It is an environmentally functional material that reduces pollutant residue.
    4. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Some species are known to grow up to four feet a day.
    5. As plants make food with carbon dioxide, water and sunlight, and bamboo grows so fast,  it is removing a lot of carbon dioxide from the air and helping keep our planet healthy.
    6. As a fabric, bamboo plants require very little water compared to cotton (it takes up to 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton).
    7. Its antibacterial properties mean bamboo plantations rarely require pesticides, fertilizers or nutrients. 
    8. Growing bamboo is  considered a very clean and sustainable industry.
    9. Disposable products that perform the same job can take hundreds of years to biodegrade due to the plastic contained in the product and are quickly filling landfill.


Healthier and Hygienic

    1. Bamboo isanti-bacterial, anti-fungal, deodorising, and hypoallergenic.
    2.  Its anti-bacterial  qualities come from a bacteriostatic agent unique to bamboo plants called Bamboo Kun which also helps bamboo resist harbouring odours.
    3. Tests have shown that when left to incubate on bamboo fabric, bacteria is reduced by more than 70 per cent.
    4. Bamboo has natural deodorising qualities and is perfect for people with skin sensitivities due to the lack of chemicals in the production process.
    5. Bamboo is easily laundered in a clothes washer and dryer or hung on the line for maximum bacteria control and freshness.


Moisture Resistant

    1. Our soft PUL backing is completely waterproof, protecting your underclothes from moisture and stains.



    1. Bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body 3 to 4 times faster than cotton, making it ideal for reusable nappies and pads.
    2. Teamed with inner microfibre, our absorbent bamboo products are second to none.



    1. The structure of the  bamboo fibres are smooth and round , which makes it a softer,  more breathable and thermal regulating fabric than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics, helping the body stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
    2. It doesn't stick to the skin and has a natural sheen and softness like silk but is more durable and less expensive.



    1. Bamboo is extremely durable, able to withstand hundreds of washes, eliminating the need to purchase thousands of dollars of disposable products that do the same job.  One Bamboo cloth nappy or pad will last as long as 150 disposable products.
    2. It is priced reasonably on the market due to its high growth volume and is one of the most economical eco fabrics available today.
    3. Using bamboo products over disposables products save you $1000's a year.


The Process of Charcoal Bamboo Fabric

    1. Bamboo is processed from mature plants, over 5 years old. It is burned in an oven up to 1200°C.  The charcoal is then ground and filtered into nano-sized particles.
    2. The nano particles of bamboo charcoal are doped into the fibres, manufactured without any bleach, in a closed loop process.
    3. The fibres are then spun into yarn.

Harsh chemicals, dyes or bleach are never used in the process as the chemicals will reduce the benefits of Eco-fabric.




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