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Reusable Cloth Pads, Bamboo, Large. 

Suitable for Menstrual, Maternity and Incontinence Pads

For medium to heavy flows, day and night. 

Ideal as Incontinence and Maternity Pads and for those heavy days and nights where you need added protection.

Suitable for elderly and large frames.

Bamboo - The healthier alternative for you and our planet.

They are Convenient, Hygienic, Absorbent, Moisture Resistant, Comfortable, Sustainable and Affordable. 


  • Our Pads are offered individually or in a range of assorted  packs to suit your individual needs. 
  • A press duds around your underwear holds them firmly in place.
  • Five layers for ultimate protection against leakage.
  • They have their own attractive Pad Purse with a separate compartment for clean and used Pads,  that fits easily into your handbag. 
  • Ideal for discreetly carrying your folded Pads out with you for the day.
  • Just rinse and soak for up to two days after use before throwing them in with your normal wash. 

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