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  • Baby Wrap Blanket Swaddle Cotton Newborn - Pink with polka dots
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Newborn Baby Wrap. Cotton Swaddle Blankets. Miracle Blanket - Blue

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Product Description

Baby Wrap - Blanket Swaddle - Cotton Newborn - Blue

Miracle Blankets - Available in assorted colours and designs.

Wrapping or swaddling babies is an age-old technique for comforting and settling in the first few months. As every midwife will explain, being outside the womb is quite a shocking experience!
Gone is the warm, floating movement which for nine months lulled baby off to sleep. Instead of the soothing sound of mum’s heartbeat the outside world is filled with strange noises and smells. Worst of all secure confinement has given way to vast, terrifying openness.
Swaddling baby in a soft wrap is comforting and secure and can improve sleep. Yet many little Houdini’s manage to get their arms untucked the first time they start to stir, waking them up from their blissful slumber. A wrap that keeps baby firmly tucked is the answer and that’s why mums love the Miracle Blanket.

Bountiful Bubs know just how hard it can be to find the perfect baby wrap – it has to be the right size, the right weight, they right amount of stretchiness and incredibly soft and comfortable.
Most wraps on the market are simply a hemmed square or rectangle of cotton or muslin from which baby can quickly wriggle free. Sometimes it’s because they need something – a feed, cuddle or change – but all too often simply re wrapping them lets them quickly drop back off to sleep. If only they had never got unravelled in the first place!
That’s where the Miracle Blanket is such as revolution. Its unique design allows baby’s arms to be securely tucked inside the blanket and the blanket wrapped comfortably around baby’s abdomen. Many mums who try it love it so much it becomes their favourite baby present to give!

Why Choose the Miracle Blanket?

Simply put, it works! Research has shown that fussy babies love the comfort of classic swaddling and gentle abdominal pressure. In fact a lateral belly wrap was a very old Irish remedy for settling baby – it was made of a long band of stretchy fabric which was wrapped around baby’s abdomen (maybe it felt a bit like a gentle tummy rub?) The Miracle Blanket employs both of these techniques – baby’s arms are securely tucked inside while the fabric wraps gently but firmly around baby’s abdomen.

It’s not just a wrap. There’s far more to the Miracle Blanket than just a square of fabric with a bit of hemming. Unlike other wraps the Miracle Blanket has been cut on the bias, or a 45 degree angle, to provide just the right amount of stretch. This explains why the Miracle Blanket is more expensive to make than other designs – there’s a lot of fabric wasted. Yet this is part of the secret behind the Miracle Blanket.

It’s a loving thing to do! In western culture the practice of swaddling has dwindled in popularity as some worry it may be too restrictive and hamper baby’s development. Yet when you think back to baby’s first nine months in the womb it’s obvious that anything that recreates that security and comfort for a little longer is a gentle way to parent. In the outside world the sensation of their arms and legs flailing about (not to mention razor sharp fingernails) can be distressing for many babies.

Baby won’t come unwrapped. This means there won’t be any loose bedding to rub up against their face and stimulate the ‘rooting reflex’ (when they try to find a nipple!) It also overcomes that other instinctive reflex babies are born with – the ‘startle’ or ‘Moro’ reflex. This is where baby flings their arms out and startles awake (it is also described as a falling sensation). These are both perfectly natural reflexes but can easily disrupt baby’s sleep.

You can leave one arm free and still keep baby secure. Some babies are thumb or finger suckers from the start. If baby wants to comfort by sucking on a finger or thumb tucking both arms out of reach will feel cruel. Yet leaving one arm out in a conventional wrap makes it very easy for baby to become totally unwrapped. The Miracle Blanket is different – the design is still totally effective with one arm left out thanks to the unique arm fabric flaps.

So comfortable and gentle it can be worn against baby’s skin. In warmer climates one concern about wrapping is overheating. The Miracle Blanket can be used directly against baby’s skin. Simply dress baby in a nappy then wrap securely in the Miracle Blanket. If baby still seems too warm, leave her feet out of the foot pocket to keep her cooler.

Babies love being wrapped. Many mums report that baby calms down as soon as they are tucked snugly in the Miracle Blanket. This swaddling produces a strong sleep association which is great for when you have to be away from home.

 Help Your Baby Have A Great Sleep....


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