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  • Disposable Bamboo Nappy Liners x 300, Bountiful Bubs
  • Disposable Bamboo Nappy Liners x 300, Bountiful Bubs

Nappy Liners, Bamboo, Disposable 3 Rolls x 100 Sheets, soft, strong

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Product Description

Nappy Liners, Bamboo, Disposable  3 Rolls x 100 Sheets, Bountiful Bubs


The simple, hygienic solution for reusable nappy changes that takes care of messy business!

You receive 3 rolls of 100 sheets  of liners -  300 In Total  (19cm x 28cm) when opened.


Bountiful Bubs Organic  Bamboo Flushable Bamboo Liners make changing dirty nappies a breeze. They are easy to use and avoid the need to scrape and soak nappies.

Simply line the insert booster with a disposable liner, then simply pick up and flush away when soiled.


 Our Bamboo Flushable Liners  are a unique, incredibly soft, anti-bacterial, natural product that is eco friendly and saves you time and money.


There’s a new generation of mothers discovering cloth-nappies – and marvelling at how easy they are to use!  There’s so much to like about today’s modern cloth nappies. They are comfortable, fit well and save money and the environment.

Using a disposable, biodegradable liner makes nappy changes even quicker and easier. The natural qualities of bamboo have advantages over other fibres, including cotton and artificial rayon.


They are soft, non-irritating and draw away moisture.

Haven’t Used Nappy Liners Before?  Here Are All Your Questions Answered.

Do I have to use a liner with a modern cloth nappy?

Liners are an option to make nappy changes even easier. If you don’t use a liner, soiled inserts will need to be scraped into the toilet and the insert  washed within 1-2 days to prevent staining. Organic Flushable Bamboo Liners make taking care of dirty nappies simpler and less messy  and less expensive.

What makes Organic Flushable Bamboo Nappy Liners different?

Bountiful Bubs Organic Flushable Bamboo Nappy Liners  comprise of two layers of bamboo and an ultra-absorbent layer of wood pulp and SAP that draws moisture away from baby's skin. The bamboo content gives them their softness while also giving them antibacterial properties. Perfect for the inside of a baby's nappy.

Isn’t it bad for the environment to flush away nappy liners?

Think of nappy liners as toilet paper for your baby! Unlike a disposable nappy, which adds to landfill pollution, liners flush away and quickly biodegrade in most effluent systems.  Be sure to check if you are using an old septic systems. Biodegradable nappy liners may be incompatible with older drains or sensitive septic systems, so then it may be wise to compost or dispose of otherwise.

What if the liner is just wet?

If the liner is wet but not soiled it can be re-used.

Bountiful Bubs Organic Flushable Bamboo Liners are strong and flexible enough to be rinsed out, dried and re-used.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is ideally suited to nappy products because of its anti-bacterial properties. Tests have shown that when left to incubate on bamboo fabric, bacteria can be reduced by up to 98 per cent. Bamboo also has natural deodorizing qualities and is more absorbent than cotton. It is very breathable, meaning it helps the body stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Anyone who has ever worn bamboo clothing will know it’s incredibly soft against the skin and durable enough to withstand hundreds of washes.

Why is bamboo described as ‘eco-friendly’?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth – some species are known to grow up to four feet a day. This makes it a more eco-friendly option than timber plantations, which can take decades to mature, and has seen it become popular for flooring and furniture. As a fabric, bamboo plants require very little water compared to cotton (it takes up to 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton). Its antibacterial properties mean bamboo plantations rarely require pesticides.

Will the Organic Flushable Bamboo Liners fit all nappies?

These liners work beautifully with our Bountiful Bubs Bamboo Cloth Nappies,  but will fit inside other brands as well. They are generously sized to ensure they fit firmly when the nappy is attached to catch any explosive events!

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  1. Makes using cloth diapers so easy! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2017

    i love these liners! makes life so simple, just lay on and remove once soiled.
    Thumbs up from this tired mama. :)

  2. fantastic 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2016

    I was amazed at this product. They are so strong yet so thin so it doesnt bunch up while it is laying on top of the nappy. Would definitely recommend this product

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