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Giveaways and Specials

 Giving gifts feels so good, don't you think?  So this page is our gift to you. 

 Touch the butterfly to unlock the "Secret Codes" and start saving the planet & $$$ now.

Once you have your Secret Codes, return to this page and select your item and free gifts and add them to your cart. The Secret Code added at the checkout will deduct the price of your FREE gift.

Only 1 Code per order.

These specials are for a limited time only.
They change all the time, so remember to check back for new bargains regularly.  

Oh... and remember to tell your friends, so they don't miss out either.     


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Birth Afloat VIP Discounts

 Exclusive to Birth Afloat customers only. 

1/ 10% off store wide, for 1 year from the your baby's birth date, and
2/ 15% off your first order, of any value, store wide or
3/ 20% off your first order over $250, store wide.




         nappies-newborn-10packbountiful-bubs.jpg        bountifulbee.facing-right.png    disposable-liners-bountiful-bubs.jpg



Buy 10 Newborn Bamboo Cloth Nappies
and receive for FREE

1 roll of Disposable Bamboo Nappy Liners.
Valued at $12
For a limited time only.


             nappies-newborn-20pack-bountiful-bubs.jpgbountifulbee.facing-right.png  disposable-liners-bountiful-bubs.jpg  nappy-wet-bag.bountiful-bubs.jpg

Buy 20 Newborn Bamboo Cloth Nappies and receive 2 FREE Gifts

1 Roll of Disposable Wipes. Valued at $12
1 Nappy Wet Bag in the colour of your choice.  
Valued at $8
For a limited time only.


bountiful-bubs-bamboo-nappies-20-pack.jpg bountifulbee.facing-right.png  wet-wipes-bountiful-bubs.jpg  nappy-wet-bag.bountiful-bubs.jpg


                 Buy 20 Bamboo Cloth Nappies OSFM
                          and receive 2 FREE GIFTS.
                 1 Pack of Bamboo Baby Wet Wipes.  
                               Valued at $10
          1 Nappy Wet Bag in the colour of your choice.
                              Valued at $8
                           For a limited time only.


  bamboo-essentials-baby-gift-pack.bountiful-bubs.jpg   bountifulbee.facing-right.pnghand-carved-wooden-sculpture.-bountiful-bubs.jpg


                  Buy the "Essentials Baby Gift Pack"
                                and receive for FREE
                    A Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture.  
                               Valued at $25
                          For a limited time only.



   deluxe-bamboo-nappy-pack.bountiful-bubs.jpg   bountifulbee.facing-right.png washable-cloth-pads-bountiful-bubs.jpg


Buy the Deluxe Baby Nappy Pack
and receive for FREE

The 4 Pack of our very popular Large, Reusable Bamboo Cloth Pads.

Choice of 4 designs.

Valued at $56
For a limited time only.





    6-layer-charcoal-boosters-x-20.-bountiful-bubs.jpg   bountifulbee.facing-right.png  20pack-black-liner.jpg
    15% off all Charcoal Boosters with or without elastic.
                             Newborn and Regular. 
                              For a short time only.                   
                            Expires 31st December.





              washable-cloth-pad-deluxe-pack-summergarden.jpg      and     pads-essentials-pack-denim.jpg


         The Deluxe and Essentials range of our
          Reusable Bamboo Cloth Pads

        always comes with a FREE Pad Purse.




15% Bonus Review Reward  

As a customer of Bountiful Bubs, your feedback and comments are welcomed and valued, because hey, nobody's perfect right? So we want to know what you think. We're always open to improvement and love to know how you feel about our products. so we'll reward you for your time.

When you leave a review on the product page of the product you ordered,

you become eligible for a 15% bonus discount off your next purchase.


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