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Why use cloth nappies?

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Health and Wellbeing

Babies skin is 5 times thinner than ours and that means they absorb a lot and disposable nappies are made from plastic which contains nasty chemicals. Information about the chemicals used in disposable nappies such as Huggies is not made to be easily accessible to consumers but it is a fact that disposables contain toxic chemicals, such as dioxins, sodium polycarbonate, tributyltin and phthalates that are linked to long-term health conditions.
Dioxins are a by-product of chlorine, which is used during the bleaching process of disposables. They are listed as the most toxic of all carcinogenic chemicals and are banned in most countries!

Our Modern Cloth Nappies are made from the highest quality materials so they can absorb a lot and keep moisture away from babies skin. They are natural nappies and made from organic bamboo. Bamboo is superior to any other material. Our Bountiful Bubs nappies don't cause nappy rash, they don't smell as much as disposables and this is because the strong smell with disposable nappies is actually the urine combined with the chemicals in the disposable nappy.

The Planet

Australia uses a staggering 5.6 million nappies per day. That means over 2 billion used nappies go into landfill in Australia every year. On top of this, it is estimated that disposable nappies can take around 500 years to decompose, greatly contributing to carbon emissions.

Saving Money

Nappy packs are a great way to save money. Our beautiful bamboo products will save you thousands per year over disposable nappies and you will be part of the solution to the world's plastic problem.

The single biggest way you can reduce your global footprint as a parent is by switching to cloth nappies. Disposable nappies are one of the biggest contributors to planet pollution due to the fact that they take over 450 years to break down, so that means every disposable nappy ever made is still in existence causing pollution and when you consider the number of nappies used by just one baby that puts things into perspective - this is a HUGE problem.

All our packs have our high-quality organic bamboo nappies that feel so soft on babies skin. We have chosen other beautiful offerings such as our softest bamboo breast pads, pure organic skincare, disposable liners that make changing a breeze and our bamboo wipes to compliment. Gorgeous & practical!

Buying in packs will save you enough money for a family holiday and we are not kidding!
Our One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies are adjustable and a good option for many babies as they can be altered to fit your baby as they grow. The money you save on purchasing disposable nappies is in the thousands in just one year. Switch now, start saving towards that holiday and save the planet so your kids can see it.


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