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6 Layer Charcoal Boosters 

Charcoal Bamboo Boosters-Six Layers

Available in both Newborn and Regular size, with or without side elastic.





We're so proud of our 6 Layer Charcoal Bamboo Inserts. The most absorbent, economical and environmentally friendly nappy insert booster you will ever find.

2 outer layers of soft absorbent Charcoal Bamboo and four inner layers of highly absorbent microfibre. For heavy wetters, long days and sleep filled nights.

We are fully committed to providing the best quality products for you and your baby, especially products which are reusable and more sustainable for our environment and our planet. Because we all want our children to inherit a healthier planet. 


    1. Our unique 6 layer Charcoal Bamboo Inserts, personally developed by us for maximum dryness and protection, offer the most unique, absorbent, economical option of Bamboo Insert Boosters on the market, hands down.
    2. Perfect for big wetters and long times between changes. With 2 outer layers of ultra absorbent,  soft Charcoal Bamboo and 4 thirsty inner layers of Microfibre they offer freedom from constant nappy changes and security knowing your baby will  be dryer for longer, which amounts to more sleep for everyone.
    3.  Nappy Inserts Boosters can be placed inside the back pocket of the nappy or directly against baby’s skin. 
    4. By putting it directly against baby’s skin, if you change the Insert Booster before the nappy's bamboo inner lining is wet, you don't need to change the nappy shell, minimizing your washing load.
    5. Lining your Insert Boosters with our soft, disposable 100% bamboo liners makes cleaning up even easier.  Just flush it all away and the Booster will deal with the wetness.

 Save even more money.

  1. You're already saving thousands of dollars by using modern cloth nappies. Adding our unique Charcoal Bamboo Inserts will reduce the number of loads you put through your washing machine even more, therefore saving you more time and money.
  2. Your cloth nappies will not need to be washed as often with our Charcoal Bamboo Inserts soaking up all the moisture

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